Toddler Braids and Twists

Finding a cute, stylish hairdo for your toddler girl can be challenging, and is by far the most popular on my blog. So I thought I would post some new styles, featuring toddler’s fine, wispy hair pulled back into adorable twists and braids. The trick is to start with wet hair, and have lots of hair gel (not spray gel) on hand. 

If your little girl has a hard time sitting still, like mine, I would gather snacks and put on a movie or favorite tv show to distract her and help her hold still. These styles are nice because they don’t involve any heat, like curling irons or flat irons. 

Styles tend to look cleaner if you take the time to get parts very straight, which is also much easier with wet hair and gel or pomade. Note: If using pomade, a tiny bit goes a very long way!

Toddler french twists and braids: TwistMePretty
French Ponytail for Toddlers: OneFunMom

Uneven Rope-Twist Style: BabesInHairland

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