Fabulous Valentine’s Day Nails for Girls

If you and your daughter are looking for some cute, DIY nail designs for Valentine’s Day coming up, we have just what you need. We have found some of the cutest nail art that is perfect for girls of all ages. Moms can do these on younger girls, or older girls can try these themselves.

Here is some Valentine’s Day Nail Art Inspiration for Girls…

Our first design (going clockwise) is a white nail polish, and any Valentine’s Day color could be used to alternate dot designs on a girl’s nails, to create a heart shape, and a diagonal line. You could also just do the heart on the index or ring finger.

Second, is a purple coat of nail polish with a sparkly, hearts clear coat over it. Perfect for little girls who are intent on painting their own nails. It’s great for them to practice and gives them confidence that you trust them to do their own!

The third and fourth Valentine’s Day nail Designs for girls would be easiest with a nail art pen, such as the one by Sally Hansen from Walmart or Target. This will make the hearts much easier to draw, rather than using a toothpick or tiny paintbrush.

Valentines nails1

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