Prettiest Flower Girl Hair 2015

Flower girl hair for 2015 is going to be lots of curls and updos, as you will see from the flower girl hair photos below. The flower girls in spring 2015 will be wearing gorgeous baby’s breath crowns and hair wreaths made from larger flowers such as peonies. Gorgeous flower girl has is easy to do, as you will see below. Many toddler flower girls can simply wear a pretty hair wreath, and your flower girl for your 2015 wedding will be fabulously gorgeous!

This pretty little girls hairstyle combines twists with dutch braided pig tails, for a unique twist on the classic braided pigtails.


This pretty style twists little girls hair into a classic updo. After you curl each piece of your little flower girl’s hair, insert small pieces of baby’s breath. Pull down a few curls for an elegant, undone look for your flower girl for your 2015 wedding.


These 2015 flower girls have lots of baby’s breath, twisted into halos, to make beautiful flower girl hair wreaths for your spring 2015 wedding.


This toddler glower girl has longer hair, which is looped by sections into a bun-style. Toddler flower girls are very fun, and you can do many elegant hairstyles to create your own look. The hearts in this updo make it a stunning style for a spring or summer 2015 wedding.


The key to this flower girl’s style is to carefully part the sections on the top, to ensure a sleek and elegant look. Have lots of clear elastics handy, and use plenty of water and gel to keep the twists in place. Once the twists are secure, curl the sections and use bobby pins to secure them into an updo. This little girl’s flower girl style is great for a long-lasting hairstyle for an all day wedding.


I love this flower girl style because it leaves a section of hair out in front, which is pulled back after the rest of the updo is in place. Leave a few wisps of hair down by the ears to make a more modern, 2015-style hairdo!


This gorgeous flower girl hairstyle is great for girls with bangs, if you want to pull the bangs back. You can twist them into this front twist, which is secured by a bow or bobby pin. Then finish the flower girl hairstyle by a curly pony tail, pinned into a curly updo.


This pretty flower girl hairstyle for 2015 has a sock bun or Hot Buns (can be purchased at Walmart), then pretty peonies in a hair wreath. Very elegant, with a unique spin using larger flowers for the wreath.


When looking for the perfect flower girl hairstyle for your 2015 wedding, be sure to consider whether your little girl has long enough hair for the style you love. Flower girls in 2015 will have styles ranging from sleek buns to hair left down with baby’s breath as the main hair accessory.

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