Fashion Inspiration: Z8 Children’s Clothing

We recently came upon the Summer 2015 Lookbook for Z8 children’s clothing from the Netherlands and we couldn’t be more in love with their style. The bright colors and sensible tops, bottoms and accessories are like an European Gap. While only a few sites will ship these stylish kids clothes internationally, their summer lookbook is definitely a photography inspiration to all countries.

The colorful, hippie-inspired children’s photos are colorful and filled with fantastic props such as 70’s VW vans, pastel rollerskates, and vintage string lights. Here’s to hoping Z8 brings their chic styles to the U.S. a.s.a.p.!!

z8 magazine z8magazine2 z8magazine3 z8magazine4 z8magazine5 z8magazine6 z8magazine7 z8magazine8 z8magazine9 z8magazine10 z8magazine11

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