Zara New Sporty Girls Collection

I am all in favor of activewear for girls, so when Zara introduced their new Sporty Girls collection for girls ages 5-14, I was instantly hooked. Zara is already a fashion staple in my daughter’s wardrobe. I love how their high-fashion, European -esque styles are also easy to wear on an every day basis. Sensible enough to wear even to school.

Their Sporty Girls collection is no different. The line maintains Zara’s commitment to high-quality, long-wearing fabrics and flattering fits. The collection is a pretty pink and black combo, and includes bags and shoes, to cover all the bases no matter what your daughter does for activities and extra-curriculars. The best part of this collection, however, may be the price – ranging from $6.90 for the sporty no-show socks to $45.90 for pink tennis shoes.

See below for some of our faves from the new collection and visit Zara’s website for all the pieces.


zara_sporty_girls_activewear_1 zara_sporty_girls_activewear_2 zara_sporty_girls_activewear_3 zara_sporty_girls_activewear_4  zara_sporty_girls_activewear_6 zara_sporty_girls_activewear_7 zara_sporty_girls_activewear_8zara_sporty_girls_activewear_5

Some of our favorite parts of Zara’s new Sporty Girls Collection:

zara_sporty_girls_activewear_bag zara_sporty_girls_activewear_jacket zara_sporty_girls_activewear_pants zara_sporty_girls_activewear_shirt zara_sporty_girls_activewear_shoes zara_sporty_girls_activewear_tank




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