Zella Girls at Nordstrom

Getting my daughter off her ipad and outside can be a challenge. But one thing that always motivates her to get active is a cool new outfit to practice her cartwheels and front walkovers. For moms, there are not a lot of options when it comes to shopping for girls activewear. Target has some great, sensible options, but many times, my daughter will end up with the same outfit from Target as every girl in her tumbling class.

I love finding unique active tops, leggings and shorts that no one in her class has. Nordstrom’s Tween and little girls sections has a great variety of girly kids workout wear by Zella that is affordable enough that I can buy all the matching pieces to an outfit. Colorful shorties, flattering leggings and capris, and the jackets that go along with them. If your daughter has not tried the Zella Girl line at Nordstrom, I recommend heading over their this second, and promise you will not be disappointed! Their Zella Girls is certainly up-to-par with their Zella women’s workout wear.

Here are some of our faves currently in the Nordstrom Girls line by Zella. The Adidas watch (made for women but small enough for girls) and Camelbak water bottle can be found here and here.

Zella 2015

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