Barbie Premium Experience, Royal Caribbean 2014

We sailed on the Royal Caribbean Oasis for their Christmas cruise to the Royal Caribbean, December 20-27, 2014. After reading several reviews, we decided one of my daughter’s Christmas presents would be to sign her up for Royal Caribbean’s Barbie Premium Experience on our family cruise. In the fall of 2014, Royal Caribbean altered their Barbie Premium Experience package, lowering the price from $399 to $199, and eliminating several activities on the agenda. I also noticed the Barbie Girls on the cruise get fewer items in their welcome package in the stateroom. The tea party is one of the activities no longer offered for the Barbie Girls cruise events.

barbie cruise2

In our stateroom, there was a pink sash on the chair, a magnetic sign on the door, door hanger, a bathroom kit in the bathroom with a toothbrush and toothpaste in a Barbie case, and the welcome kit on the bed. The welcome kit included a Barbie in a pink ball gown, one package of 3 outfits and accessories, a Barbie nylon tote bag, a fleece Barbie Blanket and Barbie pillowcase.

barbie cruise

The first activity was the Barbie Fashion Experience where Barbie girls had the experience of designing an outfit for Barbie to wear on the runway in the Fashion Show on the last day. The girls each got a Barbie Fashion Designer kit (shown below). Then the girls watched a movie about a fashion designer who makes clothes for Barbie and the girls sketched some ideas before moving on to actual materials. My daughter made a few friends, there were several girls in the 8-9-year-old-range, as well as one or two older and several younger. The fashion kits are available in stores and their ease of use would make them excellent gifts for any girl who loves Barbie. The girls used stencils to decorate their Barbie dresses, then attached the self-adhesive ruffles and bows. The girls were all very proud of their dresses ready for the runway!

barbie cruise3

The second activity was the Mermaid Dance Class. The girls met in Adventure Ocean where the leaders taught them fairly simple choreography for the dance they would perform on at the Fashion Show on the last day. The girls practiced the dance several times, and were finished with the activity in less than an hour. The girls seemed to enjoy this class. The instructors were sweet, enthusiastic and helpful.

barbie cruise5

Finally on the last day, the girls had the Fashion Show Rehearsal, followed by the Fashion Show. Girls were instructed to dress up for the event, and bring the Barbie they were given on the first day. Parents dropped their daughters off at Dazzles, a club-type restaurant on Deck 8 at 3:15. Dazzles turned out to be a very glamorous setting for these tween-age girls’ to perform their fashion show. Parents were not admitted until 4. Dazzles was closed off to the rest of the ship’s guests aside from Barbie girls and their friends and family.

The girls each received a tutu to wear over their dress, along with a feather boa, pink sunglasses and a bead necklace. The Barbie Girls instructors encouraged the audience to cheer loudly and maintain a positive, happy atmosphere for the girls. Each girl had 3 turns to “walk the runway,” modeling variations of their outfits and accessories, including one turn showcasing their Barbie in the dress they designed. The instructor at the podium announced the girl’s name, where she was from, and some of her favorite things. I think this was a great self-esteem-booster for the girls, as everyone cheered loudly for each girl.


Looking back, I would definitely spend the $199 to sign my daughter up for the Royal Caribbean Premium Barbie Experience again. She truly felt special to be called a Barbie Girl on the cruise and to have special activities planned with other girls her age. I think it was worth the money and if we take another Royal Caribbean Cruise before my daughter grows too old for Barbie, I will sign her up again for the Barbie Premium Experience.



(This was the schedule for our 3 days of Barbie activities on the 7-day Royal Caribbean Oasis Western Caribbean itinerary.)

Day 1, Saturday [December 20, 2014] – [Fort Lauderdale]

                Welcome Aboard, get ready to set sail Barbie Style!

Day 2, Sunday [December 21, 2014] – [At Sea]

[5:00-6:00 pm] – Fashion Designer Workshop (Imagination Studio, Adventure Ocean, Deck 14)

Day 3, Monday [December 22, 2014] – [Labadee, Haiti]

Day 4, Tuesday [December 23, 2014] – [At Sea]

[5:00-6:00 pm] – Mermaid Dance Class (Adventure Ocean, Deck 14)

Day 5, Wednesday, [December 24, 2014] – [Falmouth, Jamaica]

Day 6, Thursday [December 25, 2014] – [Cozumel, Mexico]

Day 7, Friday [December 26, 2014] – [At Sea]

[3:15 pm] Fashion Show Rehearsal (Dazzles, Deck 5)

[4:00 pm] Fashion Show (Dazzles, Deck 5)

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