American Girl Style

American Girl Dolls have long been a staple around our house when it comes to my daughter’s favorite toys. She got her first American Girl Doll when she was about 3 years old. Of course, we had to start out with the Be Forever Doll that looks just like her. It’s a beautifully-made doll with shiny, silky medium-length hair and a sprinkling of freckles across her nose, just like my daughter. Since that first doll, my little girl has added numerous dolls to her American Girl Doll collection, including dolls of the year Kanani, Isabelle and last year’s Grace. We have had the great opportunity to visit some amazing, expansive American Girl stores across the nation, including Denver, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago and Seattle.

After years of collecting American Girl clothes, furniture, accessories and more, we recently decided to invest in selling some of our own products that are compatible with American Girl Dolls. After much work on perfecting these items, they are now available for purchase on Amazon. These high-quality outfits and accessories are the perfect addition to any girl’s doll clothing collection, and will fit any 18-inch doll you may have. These include American Girl, Our Generation, Gotz and Madame Alexander.





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